How Alcohol Affects The Brain Of Teenagers Essay

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Consuming alcohol, as an adolescent will have severe affects on your brain not only at the age you currently are, but also for the rest of your life. First we need to know clarify that alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. Alcohol slows down the central nervous system, which leads to sluggish decision-making by the drinker, and furthermore slows down how the person walks, and talks etc. Research has proven that there are vast differences in the brains of teen drinkers in comparison to non-teen drinkers. The study proved damaged nerve tissue by the drinkers which lead to negative effects on attention span, ability to comprehend new concepts, and ability comprehend visual aids. Studies have also proved that teens who drink have far inferior memories, and attention spans. For this …show more content…
Is there a certain amount of alcohol an adolescent can drink, and not receive any effects on their brain? Can adolescents drink once or twice, and not receive any negative effects on their brain? I will go in depth on what types of effects alcohol has on the central nervous system, and how that can lead to poor decision making something you wouldn’t cognitively do such as drunk driving. My overall focus will be to give you the research that has been conducted around the effects of how alcohol affects the adolescent brain long-term, and short term. Without critically thinking about the issue of teen drinking we should be able to assume the short-term effects such as poor decision-making, and overall loss of cognitive functions. The cornerstone of my research will relate to the long term effects that the alcohol has on the adolescent brain reason being this is a subject we have a lot of research on, however it would seem as if the general public wasn’t as aware as they should be. I will exam the most severe effects that adolescents can succumb to. All of these effects are life threatening in terms of long-term effects they will have on you.

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