Why Do You Think Consuming Enormous Amount Of Alcohol Is Cool?

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Do you think consuming enormous amount of alcohol is cool? Does drinking relax your mind? Does it take away all your problems? The answers to all of these questions is no. Getting drunk does not make you cool in my eyes it makes you irresponsible. It may relax your mind for a little while but after that your mind is back to being all over the place again. It doesn’t take your problems away because after you sober up you still have the same problems you had before. Getting drunk may make you feel good for that moment but in reality it isn’t good for you or your body. Some people can’t control the amount of alcohol they intake and become alcoholics. A person that is an alcoholic may drink alone, drink in secret, they may black out which means not being able …show more content…
Teenagers don’t know the real effects from consuming too much alcohol they just do it to get drunk or it may be a gene they developed from a family member. It really damages a lot of parts in your brain. Can damage your memory region where you only remember certain things. It can affect your learning ability and stop you from reaching your main goals all because you chose to drink at an early age. Some teens might not experience these effects till later on in life but drinking is very dangerous to the brain. A teenager that consumes large amounts from research has the brain of an older person who doesn’t drink. Which means their brain and mind doesn’t function as well as a normal teenagers should. From my research I am glad I did not drink at an early age. I always wanted to know what it felt like to get drunk. I always thought I would look cool because everyone else was doing it. Some teenagers that become alcoholics at a young age may develop this from depression, stress, or genes. The teenager can have a parent or family member who was an alcoholic so they grew up seeing that and developed that habit. That’s why adults should not drink around

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