The Leadership Styles, The Affiliative, Democratic, And Visionary Aspects Of Leadership

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Challenges in Management
The scenario that I chose is scenario number 3 pertaining to the two employees who have difficulties working together. I chose this situation because it happens to be an issue that is very common, as it is sometimes difficult to work with other individuals. There are numerous reasons that can cause two individuals to clash, but more often than not, it is due to misunderstandings and communication errors. Out of the numerous leadership styles that have been discussed, the one that I am the most comfortable with is the affiliative leadership style. With the affiliative leadership style, the leader “focuses more on the follower than the task” (Hloldford, 2003, p. 1784), which is my way of helping others achieve their goals. Out of the various leadership styles, the three that suit my leadership style the most are the affiliative, democratic, and visionary aspects of leadership. Given the choices of leadership styles that have been presented, the affiliative style is my preference because it represents my personality because I tend to try to help improve others lives. Helping to develop stronger bonds between myself and others has always been an essential aspect of my personality. Additionally, affiliative leaders believe in keeping the peace and sharing what they know along with resources. Also, with the affiliative leadership style, leaders have the ability to motivate employees through positive and useful feedback, and in return, the followers’…

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