The Leadership Style Of The Team Essay

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I am not surprised at the outcome of the assessment. This style of leading likes to obtain input from the team, they have an effective communication. This helps build self-confidence within the team as well as personally. With all the input from the team the leader will keep them informed on the progress, or any information about achieving the goal (Woodcock, 2001).
Participation leadership is a great leadership style that will allow the team and leader to grow and learn new traits and talents. It will provide a great sense of belonging as well as letting team member express their thoughts and ideas. I will need to be confident in knowing when it is time to listen to team members and when it is time to teach them showing them talent and opportunity. This will show great effective management as well as communication skills.
With any assessment it is important to answer less bias as possible to get the best results. These are test to help each person find out how they lead and what they need to work on. I found the results inspiring. Not only did it help my self-confidence it helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses.
Bring to the table To be a good leader it is important for all leaders to continue to learn about themselves as well as the company and employees. When a leader is learning and working hard to make the company flow smoothly it will reflect on employees and the environment. When I am at work or at home I strive to make the environment as…

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