Essay about The Leadership Style Of A Manager

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Individual Project 1

The leadership style that stands out to me would be authentic leadership. An authentic leadership style can play heavily in the success of a manager. Having an authentic leadership style that uniquely defines your abilities as a manager can separate you from the norms of general management that others may possess. In some cases a manager wishing to elevate his management style may have to employ other managers and success coaches to focus on areas that he may be less proficient in, to develop this authentic leadership style. Developing an authentic leadership style is also about improving upon small things every day to become more effective as a leader and interpersonally with staff. The characteristics that a leader wants to project to staff is competence and confidence. To be authentic a manager should be open to suggestions and ideals, to have compassion, and to model the way or vision that he wants to accomplish. These characteristics will allow the manager to be effective in his delivery of competence and confidence.

Authentic leadership fits me because of its genuine integrity. I want to stand out as an effective leader. To separate myself from the rest through unique perspective towards management. To inspire others to creatively develop their own unique and authentic leadership styles. The charismatic leader, if we define charisma it is a “compelling attractiveness to inspire devotion in others.” (Stevenson, A., & Lindberg, C. A., 2010) The…

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