Personal Narrative: The Law Of Respect

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The Law of Respect There are twenty-one irrefutable laws of leadership. I chose to elaborate on the seventh law, The Law of Respect. I believe that the first time I really thought about the word respect is when a secular songwriter sang a song about RESPECT. Her name was Aretha Franklyn. She wrote in the song everything that she as a woman wanted from men to give her as far as respecting her. As a leader have I ever demanded respect and have given directives of how I should be treated, yes when I was raising my nieces. We want people to take our advice and use it, however, we have not acknowledged the fact that, do they respect us enough to follow our command. We are living in a time that this generation is not respecting their parents …show more content…
I am a leader over several employees and there is a problem with those that have been there longer than I have. I see the ambition in other and then some just do not respect leadership at all. I began to look at the way I was approaching situations and wondered if there was a better way to handle problems that arise. I had to learn not to take it personal when rejection appeared, but to increase my leadership abilities. The process was for me to listen to the need of the individual and not treat them all the same, but to individualize them and understand where they were at when it came to respecting. I had to show them respect and treat them differently. Some situations caused for me to get in the position they were in, in order to see their view on things. This helped me gain a relationship with them and they could express more to me instead of them thinking that all leaders wanted to see them fall. This did not make me week, it lets them know that I too can do the job that is required of them, but you were hired for the position. I had to show them that I knew the job in and out and it took me a while to learn the job so that I could have the solutions to the problems. When I began to solve problems for them, I began to see a difference in the performance from what I call the tough staff. They begin to act my opinion on things and before a task was complete, they went through the protocol and began to work as a team. Therefore leadership skill made a difference in gaining respect from others that did not appreciate me being there. In this case, I had to earn the respect of others because I was an outsider coming in changing what they thought was working. It was not easy by no means, in a culture of change, turnover and transition, staying loyal to the ones that had invested years was the biggest challenge of all. I had to prove to them that I was not a quitter and

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