The Law Of Process- Taking Life Essay

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One law that I feel I embrace is the 'Law of Process- Taking Life Step- By- Step '. For me, this law means that it 's nature 's assurance that I can achieve any goal by breaking it down into smaller, sure steps. It reminds me to not set a goal and follow through with it with the journey 's end in mind because that would be overwhelming. Instead, by breaking down any task into manageable steps, I don 't have to wait for success at the journey 's end, but rather create a series of small successes along the way. This way my goal would be more enjoyable, less stressful, and successful! In the words of Dan Millman, this law is explained perfectly within this quote, “If one focuses only on the journey 's end, completion always appears in the distance. This leads many to abandon their goals when obstacles arise... every journey begins with a single step, but you also have to take a second step, and a third, and as many as you need to reach to your destination." (Page 26) I use this law in my educational pursuit, especially during projects, tests, and others assignments. Let 's take a test for example. I know my goal for every test is to get 95%-100%, however I don 't just sit there keeping that goal in my mind and then on the morning of the test, cram everything in my head. I have done that in the past and merely achieved 91%-93%, which was close enough, but placed me in a more stressful, exhausted, and sleep deprived situation. Instead, I learnt to take things step-by-step. I…

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