The Law For Protecting The Individual Rights Between The Us And South Korea

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III. The differences in the law for protecting the individual rights between the US and South Korea
Despite there may be some commonalities between Korean Law and American Law in perspective of protecting the individual’s rights, there still exist lots of differences, and one of the main causes for the disparity is based on their fundamental gaps in history. Looking into America’s history, freedom was not free. Obviously, the United States was built in objection of the Great Britain’s despotic monarchy, holding freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness, which became the cornerstone of civil rights. As time passed by, America also went through the Civil War, and all those Civil Rights Movements by African Americans, paving the way for cultural and legal changes toward protecting more individual rights. On the other hand, Korea had a comparatively short history of democracy, started secretly under the colonial period. In 1945, when a provisional government was making laws, and deciding which system to follow, unplanned independence came into place. 5 years later, as a result of unsolved ideology, the Korean War erupted, and Korean history of democratic law begins with the end of the war. There has been many challenges, usually fighting against dictators, some of whom even tried to amend the constitution. At that time, Korean law was sometimes argued as “nothing but an instrument or formality for the bourgeoisie to exercise its power and control the working class, all the…

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