The Law Enforcement Field At Texas Southmost College Essay

1488 Words Jun 1st, 2016 null Page
I have been working in the law enforcement field for approximately two years now. I am currently employed with the Cameron Country Sheriff’s Office as a patrol deputy. I began my law enforcement career by joining the Criminal Justice Institute Police Academy program at Texas Southmost College in 2012. I graduated March 2013 and began to work for American Investigation Security Company for one year, prior to my employment with the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office. Working as a full time patrol deputy has made me realize the importance of a higher education more than ever. One of my personal goals that I would like to achieve is acquiring more responsibility within my job, such as transitioning from a patrol deputy position to a sergeant position, moving my way up the chain of command. Personal goals are very important in my line of work, having a clear path for enhancing my career can make me a better asset to the department. This would then improve my community, work environment, outlook on life, and acquire a sense of achievement when making progress towards my desired goals. The motivation to improve my law enforcement career through higher education comes from the many life-changing experiences that I have acquired working as a patrol deputy. I am confident that attaining greater knowledge and applicable skills would help me better aid the diverse community I serve and protect. Acquiring my degree in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration from the…

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