The Last Lecture By Randy Pausch Essay

1099 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 null Page
Life is like a jarring mountain. Life will make you come across many curveballs and you will need to hit back. Randy Pausch repeatedly shows how he never gave up through the various aspects of his life in which he struggled. He always reached to places people have not and proved them wrong. This is very important millions of other people aiming to accomplish something prodigious. In the Last Lecture, Randy Pausch tries to convince us to believe that adversities happen and when they do, we must stay with it and fight it with alacrity being that, how Randy Pausch overcame rejection, dealt with ten tumors and taught people to treat the disease, not the symptom. In the Last Lecture it stated how many people have overcame rejection, this molded those people into the ones they once were. When Randy was in highschool he was a person who was determined to run through any obstacle. Randy and this “Dutch uncle” Andy van Dam were lionhearted guys. Randy’s attitude was what got him into Brown University and Carnegie Mellon. “I was on the waiting list. I called the admissions office until they eventually decided they might as well accept me” (171). Randy knew how badly he wanted to get into Brown University and would do anything to get accepted into the university. His uncle also didn’t quit easily, when Randy wanted to go to Carnegie Mellon for his PHD, he got rejected. Andy didn’t like the sound of rejection and assured that there will be a way for him to get accepted and he…

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