Essay on The Last Day Of Primary School

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Sometimes I wonder, if I kept to myself, I could have been like everyone else, normal.
They say the last day of primary school, is a day no one will forget, and I personally can confirm that.
I was 7 when I realised, I was not like everyone else. I wasn’t like my family and was often reminded I wouldn’t grow up like them. My parents however supported me on my uniqueness, and encouraged me to live true to yourself. Yet, my entire life I lived quite the split personality, at home I was true and everywhere else I was hidden inside of me like a bird trapped in a cage.
Unlike others, I was happy that I was on the dusk of primary school and on the dawn of high school, what I believed a nicer education stage. Unfortunately, the dreadfulness began straight from the get go as I indifferently put on the boy school uniform I hoped for the last time. Me wearing the boys school uniform was like telling a clown to wear a suit, it didn’t match. Conversely though I decided to ditch the boys school uniform and wear the girl’s as I thought it was last day like anyone would care, I felt free like a fish that could swim anywhere.
As good luck would have it I sauntered happily and proudly towards a prison, while many chuckled in the background, but it didn’t bother me. That was until I walked into the boring class.
“Hey Jamie, you a girl or something, why in the living world do you have a skirt on, and your hair all out?” Mr. Coffey humorously asked me.
“Sorry Sir for my wardrobe malfunction…

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