The Lack Of Sleep For College Students Essay

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From an early age, the statement, “make sure you get enough sleep,” was a constant reminder that echoed loud even up until and throughout high school. At a college level, students seem to sleep less and less due to the stress of managing academic excellence, campus activities, alongside social lifestyles. The lack of sleep for college students affects their ability to perform academically as well as maintain an active and social college experience and also cause long term health issues and affect the quality of life and safety.
A resource from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School studied the relationship between sleep and health this research found that the cost of poor sleep is much greater than people are aware. It may have consequences for our long-term health and an increase in the risk of chronic disease. Long term issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases have been linked to lack of sleep. Adults who had less than five hours per night tend to have a high risk of diabetes. This research also looked at sleep and how it affects performance and public safety. It was noted that scientific research is revealing how sleep loss and poor-quality sleep can lead to an increase in errors at the workplace, decreased productivity, and accidents which cost lives and resources.
Warner J. (2011) of WEBMD Health News found that the lack of sleep for teens can be linked to risky behavior. She noted that a new CDC study shows high school…

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