Essay on The Lack Of Instructional Time For Science

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My research question grew out of a problem within my own classroom. This problem is the lack of scheduled science instructional time. I chose this question because, as a teacher of fourth graders, I am responsible to prepare them for the state science test each spring. However, within the daily schedule, that we are required to follow, there is not an assigned time for science instruction.
Question: Will providing a structured science time of 30 minutes four times a week within the daily schedule of the school day raise science scores of fourth graders on the state test?
By providing a structured science time of 30 minutes three times a week, it is expected that the class of 28 fourth graders will increase the number of students passing the test by 25 per cent. Some of the possible causes of the lack of instructional time for science within elementary classrooms are, lack of principal support for science instruction, the emphasis of high stakes testing in the subjects of reading and mathematics, and the lack of confidence of elementary teachers in their knowledge of how to teach science successfully. When the enforcement of No Child Left Behind, (NCLB) became a reality, school districts were required to show growth of their students in reading and mathematics. Only among a few states are science scores figured into the final accountability equation (Judson, 2013). The federal government, state legislatures, school districts, site administrators and teachers themselves…

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