Essay on The Korean War

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On June 25 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea igniting the second major conflict on the Asian continent in five years. The Korean War was a result of many ripple effects that involved World War II and the democracy of the United States and the communism of the Russian country. This thus became a representation war between two distinct ideals from two powerful nations to assert their influences in strategic regions. The Immediate result, was of the North Korea trespassing over the 38 parallel border dividing South Korea established by the US and Russia.
The partition of Korea was decided on a conference that involved the Allies in 1945, named Potsdam conference. There an agreement commenced to split Korea into two areas, with the border line being on the 38th parallel. The north with the guidance of Kim II-Sung was influenced by the Russians and the southern leadership with Syngman Rhee by United States. Both Soviet Union and the United States were tangled in a trusteeship, on the occupation of the separated Korean. After the understanding, Russia started to practice communism in North Korea, in turn America looked at this as an act of threat to freedom (Belletto, Steven).
Since the northern was being sponsored by the Soviet Union and the South was assisted by the United States it was viewed as a representation war between two nations, which was part of the ongoing cold war US vs USSR. Some of the main reasons America took part in this war, was to combat communism also…

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