The Key Test Learning Notes Essay

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Key Test Learning Notes
Section A: General Information
1. What does the test, test?
- Visual Perception and Motor Coordination abilities. VMI is designed to assess the extent to which individuals can integrate their visual and motor abilities (hand-eye coordination).
2. Characteristics of the normative sample
- 2 to 100 years
- Standardized 6 times between 1964-2010 with a total of more than 13,000 children. Also, nationally (U.S.) standardized in 2006 with 1,021 adults
- Re-normed in 2009-2010 o Tails of normative sample – 26 individuals aged 1 and 27 aged 18. The rest of the sample is evenly spread. Tails are not comparable to the rest of the sample.
- Adult norms collected in 2005-2006
3. The child’s name, age, date of examination and name of examiner is needed on the record form
4. Examination date minus child’s birthdate – count more than 15 days as one month
5. There is no introduction to the test/subtest – it is not necessary to come up with one.
6. The manual is oddly organized. I found it was difficult to find essential material as it was spread all throughout the manual.
Section B: Specific (Subtest) Information
6. Starting point is age-dependent
13. Standard way of obtaining a raw score.
14. Standard scores, NCE’s, T-scores, scaled scores, percentiles, and age-equivalents are available
VMI (Green Form)
1. Essence of the test
- Tests both visual-motor integration. Individuals copy items from a stimulus item.
2. Any extra materials you need?
- The child will…

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