Shenandoah Observation Essay

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Data and Instructional Goals for Shenandoah Fosdyke-Jackson
Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement
Letter ID
For the letter ID task, the student is asked to identify all twenty-six letters uppercase and lowercase letters. If the student cannot name the letter name, then the student is asked to give a word that starts with the letter or the sound that the letter produces. Shenandoah correctly identified all twenty-six uppercase letters and all but one lowercase letter for a total score of 53/54. She confused ‘q’ for ‘p.’ She called out the letters at a rapid pace. She scored in the seventh stanine for the fall.
Concepts About Print
During this assessment, the student is asked to show what they know about print concepts as they help
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Shenandoah was able to write thirty words correctly in just over eight minutes. Some were prompted, but most were written with no prompting. She correctly wrote: Shenandoah, the, see, me, book, and, can, look, it, go, up, tow, to, at, yes, I, a, like, no, am, love, is, in, on, bed, Doah, dad, mom, saw, dog. She attempted to write wey/we, mi/my, jomp/jump, spon/spoon, Shuprd/Shepard. She also wrote these unidentifiable words that were written with no prompting: com, daDn. She scored a 30 on this task which put her in the seventh stanine for the fall.
Ohio Word Test
The Ohio word test requires the student to read twenty high-frequency words. Shenandoah was asked to read from list A. She read fourteen words correctly: and, the, pretty, had, after, let, there, little, did, what, them, one, like, yes. She attempted to read four words, but read them incorrectly: dune/down, hurry/here, may/am, come/cold/could. She did not attempt to read where, over. Her score was 14/20 which puts her in the sixth stanine for fall.
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Shenandoah was able to write ___ out of ___ initial consonants,
Phonological Awareness Skills Test
The phonological awareness skills test, also known as PAST, assesses a student’s ability to hear and manipulate sounds in words. Out of the fourteen tasks that were presented to Shenandoah, she was able to master all but one. The one skill she struggles with is the ability to delete the first phoneme in a consonant blend (say crow without the /k/ is row).
Shenandoah is an eager student who loves to read and be read to. She has many strengths and her several of her OS tasks are above grade level for the fall. Her phonological awareness skills are also extremely

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