Essay on The Jungle : Misleading Advertising

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Long ago an author named Upton Sinclair explained in his book The Jungle how misleading advertising was literally killing consumers and looting their money. The book has many examples about false advertisement, but his first example was to show advertising when selling houses, and how real estates used to steal stole people’s money successfully. “The house inside contained four rooms, plastered white; the basement was but a frame, the walls being unplastered and the floor not laid. The agent explained that the houses were built that way, as the purchasers generally preferred to finish the basements to suit their own taste. The attic was also unfinished--the family had been figuring that in case of an emergency they could rent this attic”(37,Sinclair). In the novel there were poor immigrants trying to buy a house and when the family bought it, they were told that the house was completely finished but it really wasn’t. Also, they were told that the price they just paid was for the whole house including the attic and the basement. “The lawyer explained that the rental was a form--the property was said to be merely rented until the last payment had been made, the purpose being to make it easier to turn the party out if he did not make the payments. So long as they paid, however, they had nothing to fear, the house was all theirs”(44, Sinclair). It is actually ironic that they were told that the house was all theirs, but what they paid was the just the price for renting the…

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