The Journey Of Self Authorship Essay

850 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
The journey of learning more about myself and understanding who I am as a person has been an upward climb. Most times it felt as though learning who I am was similar to attempting to ride a unicycle up the side of a steep mountain, with rocks rolling down along the way knocking me off of my path. However, as I have examined and reflected on who I am as a learner and how I learn, I have been able to gain a greater understanding of who I am as a person. This paper will examine the growth that I have experienced as a learner, how Baxter Magolda’s journey of self-authorship, the role of moral mentors, vocational theories, and spiritual development theories have impacted me as a learner, and how this knowledge will impact my remanding time in the Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program. Baxter Magolda’s theory of self-authorship is formed around three main questions. The questions are: how do I know?, who am I?, how do I want to construct relationships with others? (cite pg. 184). Self-authorship has played a prominent role in my life far before I knew the formal theory. Choosing to be the only one of my siblings to not attend the University of Illinois for college and to not pursue the path of becoming a lawyer involved choosing my own beliefs, even if it meant others not understanding my decisions. Throughout this past year I have also been able to apply the self-authorship theory to my educational and professional identities. Starting at the athletic learning…

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