Personal Reflection Of Moral And Ethical Development

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Reflective Ethical Autobiography

To be self-aware is to understand, and accept whom one becomes. It encompasses your journey, and experiences, which have merged together to help create the person we become. As a woman, it would be impossible for me to fully comprehend my ethical, personal and professional development without reflecting back on my experiences, influences, and interactions. This paper will discuss the influences, experiences which have contributed to my moral and ethical development. In addition, also to be discussed are experiences which had defined my personal and professional development.
Personal Reflection
Include a short paragraph explaining that you will present a personal reflection on ethics and values in this section.
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However, as I interacted with others, and established friendships, other influences played a part in my ethical and moral development. There are also experiences that shaped my development. I have noticed that my morals and ethics have shifted over the years. I imaging this is a result of experiences, interactions, life, and a plethora of other influences. My undergraduate program helped to shift some of my values and ethics into the gray area. Where I was once black and white in thought, I now lean towards gray. I believe this change in due in part to my thinking process, experiences, education and other factors. I find myself delving deeper into the why and how of an issue. There is a process to a conclusion. I process the situation. I allow my thoughts to navigate into a decision based on the facts, ethics and my morals. A few of my ethics and values have broadned over the …show more content…
Due to circumstances, my life has been out of sync for several months. As a result, there are areas in my life that have suffered, such as school, work, and my health. This course challenged my thinking skills. It was the week ten discussion assignment on counselor impairment. That assignment prompted me to take inventory of my life. To address issues that are affecting my health. I realized that balance is missing from my life. I started to re-evaluate areas of my life that are not functioning at 100%. I took inventory, and dissected the reasons why. I have made a few adjustments to get myself back on track. It is a process, and I am working through

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