The Job Of Being A School District Essay

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The job of being a School District Business Administrator holds many responsibilities. The most important aspect of this job, is understanding the budget processes at both the local and state level. This position has a main focus of maximizing the use of federal dollars on the managerial and instructional side of each individual school, and comes with a prescribed system, yet many of the functions are changing regular basis. Managing this job has been made easier through the years. Transitioning from the old ledger system to the use of internet and computer technology has made balancing, communicating, and managing the budget practices more efficient.
The state requires the system to use a specific accounting system. The administrator prepares annual school budget documents that include information regarding local, state, and federal revenue. Each of these are also managed and reported down to the specific line items in each budget. According to Tennessee’s School System Budgets Authority and Accountability Report, 2015, local legislation cannot alter budget line items, but they have complete control over the budget total, and they have several ways to learn about and question school expenditures, including through financial audits and accountability reports.
The budget is balanced annually by the administrator, the school board budget committee, and the district director of schools. To safeguard the administration of funds, numerous monthly reports, and checks…

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