The Issues Of Everyday Gender Discrimination Essay

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In 1990, men were 336% more likely to become full-time instructors or academic scholars than women (Pear). Fortunately, it isn 't 1990 anymore, but we still discriminate very often, simply based on a one’s gender. We mostly discriminate against women in wages, and especially in health insurance which makes a big variation towards the medical industry, as we naively consider or favor men over women for little or no particular reason. Because of this inequality we have to make sure that the playing field is leveled for everyone, mostly because doctors and insurance are essential for everyone out there. In addition, discrimination in the medical field, is quite usual worldwide, even though most of us may not be aware about this at first. Therefore, eventually this essay will bring up the issues of everyday gender discrimination specifically in the medical field , and also what strategies we can use to resolve this matter.

Women presently are charged more for health care mostly all of the time. In 2015, there will be a new healthcare law, stating the maternity care will be part of women’s insurance, so that none of the women have to pay extra .At present, it is an added expense to the insurance which highly expensive and naturally isn 't affordable for some people out there. Women have to pay at least 90% more of their healthcare plans,based on “using added services” (Pear), which includes “more visits to doctors, to get frequent checkups, to have certain chronic ailment or to…

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