The Issue Of Vaccinations Is Morally Wrong Essay example

775 Words Nov 6th, 2015 4 Pages
I try to avoid issues and situations that result in an argument. However, I’ve learned the importance of supporting my claims and strengthening my beliefs by providing evidence supported by creditable sources and confirming it with multiple sources. I know the issue about vaccinations is a very touchy subject. I’ve learned that by experience. However, my beliefs are built off of the foundation through my findings in my research that addresses the cause of more and more people refusing to become vaccinated. I was very aware I might receive either sympathetic or hostile responses. The issue of immunizations can be viewed as both sides being morally right and ethically wrong at the same time. Forcing those who oppose the vaccine is morally wrong, however letting them refuse the vaccine would be ethically wrong.

My central claim has proven to be challenging with misleading information linking immunizations to certain side effects, studies conducted on the claims reassuring the safeness, and precautions the government are implementing for the safety of the public. Those fearing a possible outbreak of being exposed to dangerous diseases feel all should conform and receive immunizations for the safety as a nation. The numbers in immunization has dropped over time going back to the study conducted by Andrew Wakefield claiming there was a link between the MMR vaccine and autism with other side effects, which started a world wide controversial debate, pandemic, and a decrease in…

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