The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

726 Words May 20th, 2016 3 Pages
One of the most influential events that happened in modern American culture is definitely the legislation of allowing same sex marriage. This decision has created a ripple effect; people who support same sex marriage are celebrating joyfully on the street, where people who disagree are protesting furiously hoping the Supreme Court take back the decision. This decision has not only impact hardly on modern American culture, but also raise the awareness of same sex sexual preference people all around the world. Interesting enough, a proportion of the LGBT community opposes same-sex marriage, and an even larger proportion is skeptical towards the legalization of same sex marriage. So who benefits from this decision? The answer is the society (mostly straight people). (cite the federalist) In my opinion, people are joyful over the legislation of same sex marriage is not because of equality, it is because of the relive of the guilt that straight people feel and a small proportion of LGBT community that actually thinks marriage is their final goal in relationship. The group of straight people who supports same sex marriage is because they empathize the LGBT community, as they couldn’t “enjoy” the rights straight people enjoy. However, that is a very self-centered thinking. They never consider the feeling of the Lesbian and Gay community. A lot of the same sex oriented people understand the fact that they are different than straight people, and they are proud of being…

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