The Issue Of Pregnancy Prevention Essay

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Here is a main concern that I have with foster children that are still in foster care and they become parents that are still awarded of the state as I was doing my research I found this article very interesting. “The state has numerous responsibilities to children and youth in, and emancipating from, foster care. Ensuring a foster child 's medical welfare is among the most imperative of the state 's obligations. Pregnancy prevention is a unique component of medical welfare and long-term well-being. Indeed, it
I stand out as a responsibility that the State must fulfill to counteract the likelihood of diminished life outcomes that so many former foster children face. However, like many problems facing foster children, pregnancy is noticed, yet unaddressed; contemplated, yet unresolved. “ (
Bearing Injustice: Foster care, Pregnancy Prevention, and the Law) Did you know that the “state 's failure to adequately address pregnancy prevention among youth in foster care is unconstitutional under the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and demonstrates a significant need for reform.” (Bearing Injustice: Foster care, Pregnancy Prevention, and the Law) “on April 2009, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Virginia, with the support of the National Campaign and the Annie E. Casey Foundation undertook a state-based effort to reduce pregnancies among teens in and aging out of foster care.” (Bearing…

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