The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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The United States of America developed the 2nd amendment so that citizens would be able to protect themselves legally against any dangers ahead of them. This civil right was intended under the assumption that citizens would use it to defend themselves under militia structure. However, as time went by the country has begun to use guns for personal protection of individual life and property. The manipulation of this civil right has led Texas legislators to create new gun laws that instead of doing away with guns they lawfully allow their use. However, many people feel that this is still an invasion of their civil right to bear arms. They feel that by passing laws and regulations the government is taking away their liberty. Whereas others feel that guns are dangerous and should be taken away from everyone or at the very least stored away. The fifty states in our Nation all have different opinions on this issue. The state of Texas for example has a variety of opinions on the issue of gun control which I plan to explain through the use of a twenty year table.
Although the chosen civil liberty discussed in this paper starts with the ratifying of the United States Constitution in 1791, which includes the 2nd Amendment that states, the rights to bear arms, Texans were at that time wearing handguns in order to defend themselves and their property until 1836 when they joined the Union according to our textbook (Pearson, 40,49). However, since then the gun culture in Texas has…

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