Essay on The Issue Of Gun Control

1019 Words Apr 15th, 2015 null Page
Gun control is a major political topic in today’s world. Unlike the past, we have automatic weapons, which could kill larger groups of people. Although the right to bear arms was to never be infringed, time has made it unfeasible to allow people to walk down the street while carrying one of these weapons. Some people are also very protective of our constitutional rights. We can’t take our rights for granted. Once we lose our rights, we won’t get them back until we lose our country. Statistics show that areas where guns are legal have fewer homicides. A Harvard study, conducted in 2007, had shown that countries with stricter gun control laws have more murders. One of the countries that they had used in their study is Norway. Norway had the highest number of guns per person as well as the lowest rate of murders per person. Another argument against gun control is that we need guns to protect our liberties. We need to protect our liberties from foreign powers as well as our own government. If we lose our gun rights, we could end up losing all of our rights. We have already seen this happen. The Ugandan government banned civilians from having guns in 1969 . Shortly after this happened, their human rights were being violated. It is hard to organize for political change without the police disallowing these meetings. Peaceful political activists are having a hard time changing the government. Politicians who do not favor the government can be arrested for inciting violence,…

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