The Issue Of Genetically Modified Foods

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The issue of Genetically Modified Foods is a prominent topic. GMO’s are found in products that we consume often, have no effects and are better for the environment. “We have so many products (approximately 60-70%) lining the shelves of grocery stores that contain at least one genetically engineered ingredient: corn, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, soybean, canola oil, and potatoes” (Victorine). GMOs are tested for safety and allergen potential before they go to market. In addition, biotechnology can be used to make foods more nutritious and reduce pesticide use. GMOs may be our best bet to adapt to changing global conditions.
First of all, it is required in the United States to test all GMO food produce attentively before they can be manufactured
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Research shows that introducing genetically changed elements to livestock food (as well as human products) is completely safe and has just as many nutrients as feed without GMOs. Plants have been engineered to yield a toxin that is noxious to certain insects but has no effect on humans. An example of crops made to withstand pestilence from bugs is Bt cotton. It is one variety of cotton that makes up a vast majority of plantations around the world. This technique cuts down the use of of harmful pesticides that would otherwise damage or ruin the crop. In conclusion, GMOs are safe and have no effects on …show more content…
However, the ability to save water is a big benefit to growing genetically modified foods. GMOs can be engineered to help aid to deficiencies and add essential nutrients to the human diet. They save farmers money because crops are not as easily ruined by insects, there is less pesticide used, and the crop yield is higher. "The Food and Drug Administration has signed off on two new genetically modified crops, an apple and a potato, suggesting that the products might need to carry a label to inform consumers about the ways in which they 're different from conventional varieties. The so-called Arctic apple, developed by Okanagan Specialty Fruits in Canada, has been designed to resist browning when cut open or sliced. The Innate potato, developed by the Idaho-based french fry maker J.R. Simplot, is designed to have fewer black spots from bruising and produce lower levels of acrylamide, a potential carcinogen that forms in potatoes when cooked at high temperatures." (Tracy). Genetically engineered products are the most practical use of money, natural elements, and

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