The Issue Of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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The issue of Genetically Modified Foods is a prominent topic. GMO’s are found in products that we consume often, have no effects and are better for the environment. “We have so many products (approximately 60-70%) lining the shelves of grocery stores that contain at least one genetically engineered ingredient: corn, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, soybean, canola oil, and potatoes” (Victorine). GMOs are tested for safety and allergen potential before they go to market. In addition, biotechnology can be used to make foods more nutritious and reduce pesticide use. GMOs may be our best bet to adapt to changing global conditions.
First of all, it is required in the United States to test all GMO food produce attentively before they can be manufactured and sold to consumers. In fact, they are tested and monitored more than traditionally grown crops. The entire process of testing may take 7-10 years. It incorporates tests on possible risks to people, animals, and the environment. “Part of the testing includes nutritional analysis and protein analysis and characterization. In these studies, researches look at the proteins and peptides expressed in the bioengineered organism compared to the original. This allows researchers to identify any new proteins created by the GM crop that could produce an allergic reaction or other adverse effect” (Battelle Memorial Institutional). Genetically Modified Organisms are scrutinized under strict requirements to ensure safety for humans,…

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