The Issue Of Gender Identity Essay

1259 Words Apr 27th, 2016 null Page
Ever wonder what this world would be like if there didn 't exist any labels like those that already exits? What if the label women, men or female and male didn 't exist where everyone could live their life how ever they wanted to live it of course without doing anything illegal. If you are a girl or a boy this society has establish certain codes and rules according to ones gender. Also, society thinks they have a say on the relationships between males and females. Also, guess what this society also thinks that they can decide on what one’s gender identity should be. Why can’t one decide what on things they want to wear, what they want to work as, and be in love with who they want to be in love with. Without society judging ever little thing one does. “The lowest degrading thing you can say to a man when you’re battling him is to call him a faggot…Faggot to me just means taking away your manhood.” (Kimmel, pg. 466). Men and women are born with certain roles and codes that they have to follow thought out their whole life. If they don 't follow what their “boy code” or “girl code” they are seen by society as weird, different and maybe just pain out sick. For instates if a boy or man show any type of emotion such like crying they are called “sissy” or other man will say “stop by a girl” just because that man showed his emotion. That is an example of one of the rules society puts in the boy code is that boys and man that rules is “No Sissy Stuff”. Other things in the boy…

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