Bros Before Ho's: The Guy Code Gender Analysis

In today’s world, it seems that one can see many examples of misogyny, violence, and sexism anywhere she goes. Masculinity was once something that people did not pay much mind to, but it has now become something extremely fragile. To question a man’s masculinity is probably his worst nightmare. Nowadays, that sense of manliness unfortunately causes men to put women or other men down. Works such as Jean Kilbourne’s “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt’: Advertising and Violence” show readers how gender norms and ideas about manliness can have a damaging and dangerous effect on women. Michael Kimmel’s, “Bros Before Ho’s: The Guy Code,” depicts the ideas and sensitivities of masculinity and how these “Guy Code” rules contribute to the violent misogynistic …show more content…
There have been countless cases of women suffering through domestic violence by their husbands or boyfriends because these men believe they need to physically dominate their partner in order to feel like a man. Early ideas about masculinity generally revolved around the stigma of being superior to one’s girlfriend, wife, or significant lover. It was once believed that physically dominating one’s woman was a sign of masculinity and power, and even today, some people still believe this. In “Two Ways a Woman Could Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence,” Kilbourne includes numerous ads that degrade women by displaying a man who physically dominates the woman in a violent way. These advertisements send men the message that being violent towards a woman is sexy and alluring. Kilbourne states the reason for producing ads like this is that, “The main goal, as in pornography, is usually power over another, either by the physical dominance or preferred status of men or what is seen as the exploitive power of female beauty and female sexuality,” (489). These violent ads are examples of how men have been given false ideas about what masculinity means, and how these false ideas are dangerous to

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