The Issue Of Gender Equality Essay

1076 Words May 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Gender equality has never been just a problem the generation before us went through. It’s a problem everyone all goes through. Throughout humanity, the woman is seen as the homemaker and the man is seen as the worker. Nobody was to be thought of as anything else. The human race has always looked at it like that, even back when humans were primates. But as time progresses women want a change. Women see themselves as equal to men in the workplace and any other place. They know that they are just as capable to do a job or anything a man can do. Women also know that they deserve every right a man does. Everyone must realize that yes they are created differently, but that does not mean they should be treated differently. With many people still thinking of feminist as men haters it is hard to show equality and get women the respect they deserve. As feminism becomes a rising topic many people do not fully understand what feminist actually stand for. Feminism is simply the belief that both sexes should be equal. Feminist believe in supporting the facts and getting women to be seen in the public’s eyes as equals (Sisterhood). But still people think feminist are men haters and they will not support gender equality because of that. But in reality feminist have never hated men, or anything to do with them. All they want is to be seen as an equal to them, which is what gender equality is. If a person says that all feminist are men haters and they do not support gender equality because…

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