The Issue Of Domestic Violence Essay

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The amount of murders that have been committed in the US by abusive partners is so very horrific to me, that is one thing that surprised me , that how we have such a high rate of murders and yet there is nothing being done to stop this abuse before it is to late.That helpless people whether it be male or female are losing their lives for nothing, this is one thing that made me think extremely deeply about domestic violence. The topic of domestic violence has always been a very touchy subject to me, I am a survivor of domestic violence, this is not something that I usually open up to others about, but I want to let others know, that is not what love is about. If I had not gotten out when I did , perhaps everyone in this class would see my name scroll down the power point, and i would not be here today.

2.Dr.Katz in my opinion is a very intelligent man, I highly enjoyed listening to his video, he made a lot of excellent points. The bi-standard approach was on of my favorites, and I could not agree with him more that more men need to stand up and speak up. If more men spoke up to other men , saying that for instance, if a man sees his friend ,hurt his girlfriend, physically, mentally ,or emotionally, instead of laughing and saying that is what she gets, maybe if more men where like hey man that is not right and you should treat her better, then maybe that could cut back on some abuse! I had so so many people come to me and say , "what did you do to him to make him do what he…

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