Essay on The Issue Of Abortion And The Rights Of The Fetus

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Chemicals, sharp objects, and homemade remedies; all of these are methods that have previously been facilitated to prematurely terminate – abort -- a pregnancy. Over many generations, abortion has been a very prevalent moral concern. The main debate appears to have a genesis in whether or not life begins at conception. As the years have passed, many have voiced their concerns that having an abortion of any sort is a violation to the fetus’ right to life. In opposition to this viewpoint, those that label themselves as pro-choice believe that a woman’s sovereign choice reigns supreme over the rights of the fetus. The two articles being discussed in this paper are, respectively, written by Jennifer Webster, and Douglas Groothuis. Ms. Webster is the project coordinator for the Network for Reproductive Options, and asserts, formidably, that the option of abortion is very much a decision that requires a great deal of moral ideation and thought. Conversely, Mr. Groothuis is an author and a professor of philosophy at Denver Seminary. He relies heavily on philosophical tradition to answer the moral question of abortion. Firstly, we will discuss Webster’s (2009) views on the situation. Her perspective of the situation is the idea that abortion should not simply be restricted solely to whether or not the fetus deserves to live, but also to the wishes and desires of the mother. She posits that abortion is not only leaning towards being moral some of the time, but, rather, that the…

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