The Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant Essay

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The world is facing a set of significant problems. I believe that there are three main International threats to global stability, territorial dispute, extremism and corruption. Solutions to these issues facing humankind are demanded.

No more than two years ago people thought of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda organisation if we mentioned the word extremism. Instead, nowadays the new forces of evil would be the ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. evidence!
ISIS is originated from

Also, Extremism can arouse sociopathy in society. In my opinion, The core problem is the secret behind ISIS. It must be surprising when dozens of Europeans who had grown up in a free society and developing country were fascinated with these jihadist fighters. The fact is that every week more and more people are making that journey in the hope of joining their ranks even after they witnessed people experiencing the pain brought by the cruel terror attack. Teenagers may be obsessed with this extremist organisation in particular, and it is possible that growing links between extremists and Muslim teenagers will actually make thing worse. According to Anna Erelle, a brave journalist who was risking her life to pretend to fall in love with an ISIS’s senior commander Abou-Bilel,“To them, jihadists are like Brad Pitt, only better because Brad Pitt is not religious.” She told The Sunday Times’ Margarette Driscoll about the growing young fan for the extremism in an interview. To…

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