Isis Analysis

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Currently the United States is close to going at war with the terrorist group Isis. There are many ways in containing this group, along with many different strategies.In the article “Presidential Candidates Criticize Obamas Islamc State Strategy, but Theirs Sound Similar” by Christi Par sons and David Lauter discusses the problems of Isis and why terrorism is ruining the United States and the world. During a news conference, President Obama discussed his strategic plans with dealing with the Islamic state, along with the attacks on Paris and Russia.(Parsons,Lauter) On an ordinary late Friday night in Paris, Isis members set off a series of bombs, and went into a concert hall shooting into the crowd, holding civilians hostage, and killing hundreds.(Outside Info) In Russia, Isis used a soda can bomb bringing down a Russian plane killing everyone on board. After these attacks President Obama was asked about his plans with dealing with Isis and his plans remained the same.(Parsons,Lauter) Obama believes that the only way Isis can be contained without losing troops, is fighting Isis using air strikes. Another plan is to try and kill important leaders and members of the group.(Parsons,Lauter) Many …show more content…
However they feel as if their rights are being violated, when in fact they shouldn 't feel this way. In my opinion, I would rather have my activity watched for safety and my family’s safety.(Michael,Jaffer) Even though I’m not performing suspicious activity, at least I would know the government is trying to watch Isis activity and prevent attacks. Recently via the internet, Isis has displayed propaganda videos threatening the united states and other countries. The overall terrorism threats and violence is only getting worse,and with the surveillance of suspicious members,, maybe we can catch more members and stop planned attacks and save

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