TKNISN As ISIS: Death, Blood And Terror

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The world is at the brink of chaos every single. One of these sources of chaos is terrorism. On this research paper i intend to define the threat of the terrorist group known as ISIS, show its capabilities, goals, ideals and what are our governments doing to neutralize this problem. I believe that by bringing awareness to terrorism and the group known as ISIS i can help motivate others to take precautions in the event of another September 11.

Death, blood and terror, these are the characteristics that all violent groups share, a cycle that never ends. Every terrorist organization uses these strategies because they work .This techniques have been used since ancient civilization to force organizations, governments and individuals to comply with their demands. Modern civilization has
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It is the peaceful side of Islam that most people of the world do not know. The main difference between the Sunni and the Shia’s lays on the way they religious authority needs to be uphold. Islam has more than one billion five hundred million followers worldwide (Patheos, 2014). It is recognized as the second largest and influential religion in the world after Christianity.
All Islamic denominations revolve around serving Allah. The practices of Islam followers include, visits to Mecca their holy place, fasting, charity and praying to Allah five times a day. Christianity has churches and Islam have Mosques. In Mosques, the faithful can pray, worship and study the Quran. Within this religion, like many others lies an extremist side. A side that wants to destroy everything that stands on its way. This is the darkness that terrorizes the world today and has the potential to bring the world to its knees if left unchecked. Islam rules by a set of laws known as Sharia

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