The Is The Most Popular Dating Essay

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In an age where people rely heavily on their smartphones, Tinder is the most popular dating application on both Android and IOS, with over ten million users on it every day looking for their match. Therefore, Tinder has an unique opportunity for targeted advertisements, whether for local hotel rooms, or classy restaurants for a first date. However, this can only be done effectively if Tinder has the correct demographic information. Additionally, accurate demographic information will allow Tinder to design future premium features, therefore increasing profits. An understanding of the demographics of an area will allow Tinder to increase profits by optimizing algorithms for targeted advertisements as well as identifying potential services that Tinder users will find useful and therefore pay for.
Vancouver is characterized by a diverse economy comprising of many industries, international investment, and multiculturalism therefore being one of the best cities in the world in terms of livability; Vancouver is capitalism and globalization working at its best. This growth has not affected everyone equally however. Since 1970 Downtown Vancouver’s average individual income shot up 15% to 288% above the Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area average. Downtown has been subject to gentrification and as it is right next to the Downtown Eastside and Strathcona, it emphasizes the income polarization that has occurred, where the wealthiest live next to the impoverished. While Vancouver is…

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