Essay about The Is The Good News Of Salvation Through Jesus Christ

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Speaking with a devout atheist about God is a formidable task. With that being said, it is our commission, given to us through Jesus, to spread the good news (Mark 16:15; Matt. 28:19-29 ESV). Jesus made it abundantly clear, through the Great Commission, that our assignment is to preach the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Our ministry is to take this message throughout the world. Weber (2005) (WordSearch software) wrote “The central command is make disciples. At the heart of our mission is the reproduction in others of what Jesus has produced in us: faith, obedience, growth, authority, compassion, love, and a bold, truthful message as his witnesses.” One comfort that I hold on to is that I do not need to just rely on myself while sharing the gospel. God’s Word expresses that we are to spread the gospel “by the Holy Spirit”—who dwells within us. Phillips, Brown, & Stonestreet (2008) also mention this when they wrote, “Everything man can know about God is accomplished through the work of the Holy Spirit” (p. 100).
Sharing my belief in God and my Christian Biblical Worldview would be uncomfortable at best with a devout atheist, however, I would do my best to make God proud of me. Being a nurse, I would utilize therapeutic communication, which encompasses being supportive but also providing information. To begin with, I would ask some probing questions on what their beliefs are and how they came to those beliefs. I would listen to them intently, trying to…

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