Radical Renewal Summary

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Reflecting Radical Renewal Radical Renewal was written by Howard A. Snyder, originally published in 1975 through his own personal experience while doing ministry work in Brazil. This book expresses that the church, and the body of Christ, need to be renewed on a consistent basis in order to grow spiritually. The essential meaning of this parable is the wine itself, and the secondary meaning is the wineskins. We are to replace the wine within the wineskins, yet it is essential to put the new wine into new wineskins. Snyder incorporates this parable within Radical Renewal structured into four sections that emphasize the importance of biblical wineskins and the functions of the church.
The first section of Radical Renewal focuses on the need
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Chapters seven, eight, and nine focus primarily on the importance of the Holy Trinity. Fellowship is always essentially encouraged within the walls of the church; however, many industrial churches miss the necessary fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Snyder explicitly expresses the importance of Koinonia, which means Christian fellowship or communion with God. Without true fellowship with the Holy Spirit, the church itself is not spirit filled. Communication is a key element of fellowship with one another as well as the Holy Spirit. Believers are not created to be in isolation but to be connected to one another through small-group fellowships as well as in a large congregation, doing so allows church members to come together and experience a deeper connection with each other and most importantly with God. Further, as believers, we are all called to have the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is so much more than the way we think, but the essence of who we are within our heart and personality. We are called to be spontaneous and unique within ourselves, and to resist predictability and regulation of society and the increased use of machines. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the biblical structure for what is essential to Christian …show more content…
New Covenant Church is a non-denominational church that believes in the primary focus of what Snyder’s Radical Renewal communicates. I honestly thought everything this church is involved in is what every church does; however, I am beginning to understand that this is not the case for many churches. I have had the ability to visit a couple other churches while on vacation and I have visited another church that my family members attend. The difference between these other churches in contrast to my home church now makes sense after reading Radical

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