Essay on The Is Not An Easily Identifiable Entity

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Globalism is not an easily identifiable entity; many different ideologies, concepts and developments contribute to its definition. However, a problem with defining the process of globalization is the improper association of those ideologies, concepts and developments as products of globalization. As time goes on many regions throughout the globe possess these varying attributes, however they are not a result of the mainstream global cultures. Thus, it is important to make the distinction between what aspects were already a part of these economies and what were products of global cultures influences. Our readings throughout the year have gone in depth, explaining the dynamics and influences of globalization throughout various regions and depicted the nature of globalization as a modern concept, constantly evolving and adapting. Within the realm of globalization, capitalism has taken a large role in depicting the influence of global culture in today’s world. In The Intimate Economies of Bangkok, Wilson establishes the existence of capitalism in the local markets before diving into the expansion of globalism; pointing out merchant capitalism which existed within its intimate economy well before the tourism industry boom. Merchant capitalism sought to create business through merchant trade which would create and reinvest profit and possibly employ wage labor; larger, more modern cultures such as the U.S., China and European nations embraced an international capitalism, which…

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