Essay on The Iron Giant : Film Origin

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Title: The Iron Giant

Film Origin
The Iron Giant originated from the 1968 novel The Iron Man, which was a children’s novel. After going through development stages of becoming a rock album and a musical, Warner Bros. acquired the project to eventually becoming director Brad Bird’s introduction into the animation world.

Summary of the film
The Iron Giant is a story about a metal machine, The Iron Giant, that crashes off of a shore near the coast of Maine. A young boy, named Hogarth, finds The Iron Giant and becomes friends with him, teaching him values and emotions. A government agent, Kent, thinks The Iron Giant is out for evil, when really the giant continually grows to become friendly after learning its human emotions. Kent attempts to be the hero while still under the impression that the giant is no good, when eventually making a mistake that would have cost the town their lives. The Iron Giant then saves the town after understanding how to care about someone through Hogarth.

Film’s Genre Animation, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Possible Themes Sacrifice, Love, Good vs. Evil

Title Meaning
The Iron Giant has a title meaning due to one of the main subjects in the film, The Iron Giant.

Character Development
The relationship between Hogarth and The Iron Giant displays significant character development throughout the film. When they first encounter with one another, Hogarth actually saves The Iron Giant from dying after he was caught in electrical…

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