The Internet And Social Media Essay example

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The internet and the social media allow us to tap millions of potential customers in hundreds of countries for only a little investment and with infinite returns. The number of people using social media or the internet to communicate, to connect with families, friends, new and old business contacts, as well as to advertise any business or brand has been increasing exponentially everyday. A lot of new relationships whether personal or business are being developed and created daily and even hundreds of millions of dollars from sales of different products and services being generated because of the power of the internet and social media. Any small business owner or network marketer who is not leveraging the power of the internet or social media is leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Unfortunately lot of network marketers are using social media the wrong way to the point of pushing away their prospects and even their own friends. You don 't have to go through this process of making cold calls or pitching your product to people you don 't know and get spammed before you knew it.
But How Can You Really Make Social Media Work for Your Business?
A very effective and professional approach to leverage social media for any internet or network marketing business is through applying the principles of attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is about establishing yourself as a leader in your industry then using this to entice people to join your business. It is a very effective…

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