Leadership In Ancient Greece

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Leadership is an essential part of society regardless of the path of life an individual leads. Leadership is a unique character trait because it is rare to witness a natural born leader. Leadership is the ability to successfully direct other individuals and accomplish a task. Throughout history, leadership is the trait that can propel a society to be successful, or it can lead to a catastrophic failure. Specifically, leadership impacted the lives of citizens in Greece, China, and Israel. Ancient Greece is well-known for epic battles and the bravery of the soldiers and leaders. For example, Sparta boasted that they had extremely skilled warriors. Spartans sought for a king that would encourage the men and women to be the best at what they …show more content…
In addition to pride, initiative is a key aspect of leadership; it allows leaders to instruct their followers to do something that other people are afraid of doing or are unwilling to risk anything. King Leonidas took it upon himself to fight the Persian Army with only his 300 Spartan warriors and a few other Greek clans that joined him. The vast majority of Greece quivered in …show more content…
The Greeks and Chinese were influenced by warfare, so their leaders had a tactical mind that allowed them to encourage their soldiers to fight and win. King Leonidas and General Meng Tian used the land to their advantage. Both Achilles and Maodun commanded soldiers that followed them unquestionably, but they accomplished that completely differently. Maodun executed anyone that did not follow his orders, while Achilles was very passionate about his life and fellow Greeks. The Hebrews were quite different from the Ancient Greeks and Chinese because their leaders had connections to God either through conversations or miracles. All the leaders in Israel, Ancient Greece, and Ancient China all conquered challenges ranging from training people to releasing slaves. I admire King Leonidas because he did the unthinkable in his era. He demoralized the Persian Army when his Spartans fought at Thermopylae. Also, he had incredible morale in Sparta. Even today, he is remembered as a legend because he used bold actions to stand up to a tyrant, and after his death, the Greeks combined forces to defeat King Xerxes. Leadership is an essential part of life because that is the only way humanity

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