How Does Gun Violence Affect Mass Shootings

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“What a wonderful world” it truly is. Gun violence rising, mass shootings occurring, seems like the perfect time to be alive. Better yet, seems like the perfect time to “be an American.” Statistics show that approximately 11,127 Americans are killed each year by gun violence. With that being said, that places America at the very top of the list, with Japan only having an estimated 39 citizens. It is also revealed in the video documentary, Bowling for Columbine, that Canada is notorious for hunting. However, the deaths that occur through gun violence is not as near or equivalent to that of America. This leads one to question, what makes America the perfect place for a shooting range?
It is quite the challenge to recall a time period in American
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America received a chilling reminder of just how dangerous guns are on April 20, 1999. Two teenage gunmen, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, loaded their purchased guns and stepped foot into their high school with the motive to kill their classmates and faculty members. Before turning the guns to themselves, the pair killed twelve of their classmates and one of their teachers, leaving nearly 24 injured, and the rest traumatized. Fearing and acknowledging that such acts can occur, many schools after the Columbine massacre, decided to buckle down on their security. It came to the point that every action was seen as a threat, “one student was suspended for pointing a chicken strip at one of the students,” pretending it was a …show more content…
Throughout the Bowling for Columbine documentary, it is revealed that the perpetrators Dylan and Eric, were very fond of bowling. Besides their fascination with guns, they also were members of the Trench Coat Mafia. The two were also considered antisocial in school and much to themselves. However, none of these factors are taken into consideration for their motives and reasoning for killing 13 people and injuring many. As mentioned in the documentary, “why isn’t bowling to blame?” Marilyn Manson makes his appearance in the documentary for he was blamed and held accountable for instilling violence into the perpetrators minds. Manson then responds referring to himself as a “poster boy” for fear because everyone is afraid of him. He then decides to refocus the attention to entertainment for the source of violence. Entertainment is not just considered music. Video games as well as television are forms of

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