Ironic Techniques In Michael Moore's Films

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Michael Moore is an American filmmaker who specializes in interactive/ audience participation documentaries. His films (including Fahrenheit 911 and Bowling for Columbine) revolve around America and controversial, topical issues. In his films we can see the Michael Moore has certain trademark styles that work for him by using manipulation of both the audience and his interviewees with tactics like his dress, interview style, sarcasm, dark humor and his ironic use of music. His tactics work for his type of film and are seen as very effective however sometimes perceived as rude and anti authority as seen in various scenes in Bowling for Columbine.

One trademark style that is present in Michael Moore’s films is his ironic use of music. This is
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Firstly the two examples used, Fahrenheit 911 and Bowling for Columbine, were both interactive documentaries, which bring a more depth to a film showing unscripted reactions of the Americas public and politicians. He manipulates his interviewee’s with both his appearance, looking very average and unintimidating without professional clothing such as a suit, and how he first introduces himself choosing his phrasing carefully to seem as if he is on their side and empathizes with them. This brings a certain style to his films that is distinctive to Michael Moore, and works effectively to convey the usually highly contested arguments or political views. I believe that Michael Moore’s style is effective however his content and behavior does sometimes come across as mildly rude or business orientated rather then empathetic. The music/soundtrack brings a more sarcastic side to his film and adds a type of dark humor to his films. Both these techniques are distinctive to Michael Moore and in the case of Bowling for Columbine are used in a strong way to open America’s eyes to their frequent killings caused by the relaxed gun laws and the right to bear arms that dates back paranoia filled

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