The Influence Of Cosmetics On Young Girls

Cosmetics seem to be a rite of passage for all girls transitioning to teenagers. They are inspired by the beautifully enhanced models in magazines and the filtered celebrities they follow on their mobile phones. While the famous are beautiful, the average person does not resemble their features, even if they want to. From Natalie Portman to Tyra Banks, cosmetics companies employ fresh, famous faces to promote and advertise their product. But do cosmetic companies prey on the innocence and the income of the young through these celebrities? Celebrities certainly have an influence over consumers and what they buy. Advertisers take advantage of this and turn around to make a profit off of young consumers money. Ulta, the popular beauty store which …show more content…
The message is simple, get young girls to buy in to the model’s message “You can look like me if you have my palette.” It makes sense that Hadid “created” a makeup line and yet it’s still assessable to the general public. Why? Because Maybelline is an affordable brand found almost anywhere, even in little grocery stories. It is what most young women begin their cosmetic journey with. In this particle product, she sells four eye shadows, neutral enough for everyone to use as well as three blush shades and as a bonus they threw in a neutral lipstick and two brushes. All a young woman, without a ton of cash or experience can pull off. This visual advertisement enhances the overall message and its ability to sell more products. Pink is the name of the game for the ad. As described, all over the cover are pink ornament, pink letters, pink pallets, even the seat and wall behind Hadid has hints of the ever-trending rose gold and in the center of it all is Hadid, dressed all in white. The message for her audience is to standout against the background like Hadid and dress in white with her palette. “There is an important presence of ‘‘visible rhetoric’’ that is making use of popularly accepted and celebrated values to sell products (10). Maybelline does just that with its visual celebrity-endorsed advertisement.
Now there are two parts to this authorship, Maybelline, a highly well-known, affordable cosmetic brand that is accessible to anyone anywhere in the world and Hadid, a famous model seen on the covers of Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Elle respectively. Put them together and advertisers can fix the “problem” they have created for the audience. How can I look and be more like

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