Essay On Pros And Cons Of American Sports

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Throughout today 's society, the forever longed obsession in sports is quite spectacular. Sports has forever longed a part of everyone 's heart during some point in their life. It is clear to state, Sports are an essential part in today 's society, professional and college sports bring revenue to the community, passion through their fans, and dedication through their team. Despite slight problems such as concussions and gambling; sports are much more than a game it is a way of life. Upon this essay I will be stating my endorsement and what I believe is about American sports culture and the necessitates it brings to society.

Sports are a way to life, and it 's quite easy to agree with that statement. From being involved in
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The bad decisions such as brawls during the NCAA Tournament or after the Super Bowl are unfortunately always going to happen. The positives from winning the Super Bowl are weigh out the occasional after party brawl. The players, coaches are able to celebrate their team victory as well as the fans who helped them guide the way. Personally, I never actually won a famous championship or gone to one but from watching the news and reading article the pros definitively outweigh the cons.

As the first amendment reads, freedom of speech, I also believe that we have the right to support sports in the way we do. Sports go all over the United States forming bonds, opportunities and experiences nobody would have been aware of elsewhere. Supporting the team someone loves, watching and screaming at the TV as if makes the play work, and forming that companionship lasts forever.

Throughout this essay, it is proven to know that despite the unusual consequences from sports does not exceed the positives that the of American sport culture provides us. The obsession of sports is able to form that bond, relationship, and value to the certain individual. In our society, it is clear to state that sports if treated correctly, are not just for wins and losses but for the path of

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