The Inequality Of Gender Discrimination Essay

1528 Words Nov 19th, 2015 7 Pages
Despite the fact that over the last fifty years women significantly improved their social position in America and drastically changed the economic situation, by taking over almost half of today’s professions, they are still facing wage discrimination based on gender. According to the Labor Department, the wage gap over the last few years was continuously narrowing; however, the monetary expansion that happened in the last few months greatly improved the economic position of men. As a result of that, the increase in men’s income was more than doubled that of what women earned, which means that women earned only 81.1 cents on the dollar compared to men (Morath). The fact that this gap is a part of our reality, and it results in millions of dollars in lost wages is quite disturbing. It clearly shows that gender discrimination is still a problem and people’s wages are not based primarily on their skills and knowledge but on their sex. This is the reason why the law should be revised and rewritten if needed.
On the other hand, the opponents of the Equal Pay Act argue that the gender pay gap in our economy does not exist and simply is a myth. According to the GAO Report on Low-Wage Earners’ Compensation, the wage difference between men and women can be easily explained by concluding that women usually work in lower paid industries, unlike men. Still, it does not entirely explain why the people with the same education and skills are treated differently by its employers. Why…

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