The Inequality Between Men And Women : What Would You Do If You Weren 't Afraid?

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In this day in age, it is difficult to imagine that there are still inequalities between men and women but the truth is, there are still gender gaps in today’s society. In Sheryl Sandberg’s, “Lean In: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?” she discusses the issue of the leadership ambition gender gap in the workplace. On the other hand, Saul Kaplan discusses the gender gap in attendance of colleges in his article, “The Plight of Young Males”. Taking into consideration both writings, women are still not treated equal in this society, especially in the workplace.
Sheryl Sandberg tells the audience of her grandmother, “Girlie’s”, story. Her grandmother was taken out of high school in order to help support the family during the Depression. Luckily, a teacher took interest in her education and encouraged her parents’ to let her go back to school. Sandberg’s grandmother accomplished many things after graduating high school, like attending and graduating from U.C Berkeley (Sandberg 643). “Girlie” showed ambition in her education, in financial ventures and in her work, but all this would not be possible if someone had not encouraged her to continue her education. This story is used to compare society then and society now. For Girlie, it was not typical for a woman to continue her education if the family needed her financial support but she continued her education despite the common ways. In comparison to today’s society, women are now encouraged to continue their education and…

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