The Industrial Revolution During The 19th Century Essay

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The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century was an immensely remarkable time period in the world’s history. The revolution brought advancement throughout the world that transformed countries from premodern to modern. Typically, students are taught about modernization by examining The West: Britain, United States, Germany, and France. This is a result of The West having enormous success during the Industrial Revolution, which leads a great deal of people to believe that the Industrial Revolution was an exceptional time for the world and brought success to all countries. After further investigation, however, the progress during the time period is actually better understood by researching modernization as a global process and analyzing the countries that did not have as commendable success. A large number of countries were damaged greatly due to the revolution and it is imperative that people understand the history of the entire world instead of just a limited component of it. Modernization was not a simple process for a majority of countries and it is vital to understand the undertaking they had to struggle with, the effects of the spreading technology, the inequalities between how countries and how that effected places differently, and how progress came at the expense of the people. Technology was a strong aspect to the Industrial Revolution. It brought advances that had never been experienced before, such as electricity, steel, improved methods of food preservation,…

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