The Industrial Revolution And India Script

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The Industrial Revolution and India Script
Aya and Jad

AYA The Industrial Revolution Summary
The Industrial Revolution was a significant time in world history. It was marked as the change of time, labelled as a new era, and identified as the largest transformation to grace the planet. It began around the 18th century due to the fact that the British needed to make money. Great Britain was the nation to outset this because they had more advanced resources and technology than any other country at the time period. Industrialization was first seen in the 1780’s, and it proceeded to advance with the years. Industrialization changed people’s lives in Britain tremendously as many more job opportunities were created since many factories were being
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Since Britain’s businesses and corporations were at their peak of performance, more materials and products were in demand, which led the British to India. From there, textiles from India dominated in the world market, as Britain was the leading global trader in the world. India’s resources were a great factor of the British imperialism on India, as their cotton and other resources were used to make the products which were sold in Britain for profit. Also, they were the first country to develop industries, factories, and many other inventions which came out of this revolution. British import-export was at a rate never seen before, and new technologies that were constructed helped with manufacturing all these products, at a cheap price. Due to this, India took these ideas and used them when the British left, which resulted in them becoming a trading powerhouse, this was also the time of the Green Revolution. The British required certain crops and plants for some of their new projects, so the Indians were forced to harvest for the demands of the English, and in the systematic way they used. Another influence Britain had on the great country of India was its economic stability. Before the British colonized the Indians, the emperors or rulers would increase the revenue on land, at any time they required some extra money. From this, a large sector of the population was affected …show more content…
And the idea of steam engines, invented by James Watt, was capable of transporting a person from a one place to another. The new engine was able to run on gas and air filled tires. From this, the combustion engine was created which is the engine for cars in today’s world. From the first car, the transportation vehicle has evolved immensely and is efficient for quick transportation in our everyday lives. Without cars, our time would be very different and technology wouldn’t be as advanced. These cars came from the ideas of the Industrial Revolution, in the time where the British came to India. This connects to India since they own two dominant car companies by the name of Range Rover, one of the most luxurious cars on the planet. and Jaguar, the new item of India. Both of these, whose cars were previously manufactured in

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